Graphic gift bag 3-pack

Reusable fabric gift bags in a christmasy red color. The bags can be used hundreds of times, saving you time, money and the world waste and natural resources. 

* This 3-pack contains: 1 Large gift bag, 1 Medium gift bag, 1 Small gift bag.
* Handprinted with eco friendly colors on 100% cotton.
* All bags come with a gift tag attached to the ribbon and the bags has a bottoms so they can stand. 
* Hand wash cold and store flat with bottom folded between uses, so the bags are ready to be used - and reused - over and over again.

To monogram your bags please read more under PIMP YOUR BAG. Add monogram to your order and email us and which bags you want monogramed and with what letters, font and color. 

Large bag: 18.11" x 13.7". Bottom 2.3" (46 cm x 35 cm. Bottom 6 cm). 
Fits Shoe boxes, coffee table books, clothes, medium sized toys, laptop, etc.
Medium bag: 14" x 11". Bottom 2.3" (36 cm x 27 cm Bottom 6 cm). 
Fits 2-3 books, Barbie dolls, iPad, shampoo bottles, etc.
Small bag: 11.8" x 8", with 1.5". Bottom 2.36" (30 cm x 20 cm. Bottom 6 cm.) 
Fits most soft cover books, candles, 4 TV games, iPad mini, crayons, gameboy, Perfume...etc.

Happy giving!

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